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Just Released!!!
Reclaiming your Best Self in 30 Days: Self Love is the Best Love 
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Therapeutic Workbook

Guided Journal

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Book Signing 10/21/22 
6-8 pm
Rose Pharmacy and Boutique Apothecary
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Reclaiming your Best Self: The Four Disciplines of Mindful Acceptance

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Take control and ownership of your happiness, wellness and success! 

Practice the art of letting go of people, places and things that are not working for you.

Live in the moment as often as possible.

Behave in ways consistent with what matters to you.

Inner happiness is by design, not default. Be the architect of your happiness!

I work with adults who are usually seeking help with everyday concerns that we all encounter at some point in our lives. Many of my clients are professionals who seek my services because of work/life balance issues, self-care difficulties, relationship concerns, mild to moderate depression or anxiety and are seeking to increase self-compassion, mindfulness/awareness, and leadership/management efficiency.

     We can all benefit from a safe and non-judgmental place to explore what's going on in our internal and external world. Stress does not play favorites. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, politicians, students, parents, and store clerks- we will all experience stress on different levels. Life happens to all of us! 

​     ​Counseling is not just for when life seems overwhelming and unbearable, but counseling can assist you in being creative about increasing your decision-making process, clarifying your thought processes, engaging in career exploration and increasing your coping skills.​

     I work with individuals, couples, groups, and corporations in the capacity of a Licensed Psychologist, life coach, or group facilitator. I love the opportunity to help people increase awareness and move forward in the areas of their relationship with "the self," others and the world.

-LGBT friendly

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