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My interaction with you will always be packaged with respect, compassion, understanding, flexibility, and appropriate humor. I will not use a “cook book” approach with you. I am aware of strategies that have worked for other people in the past, and I will share them with you. However, I will never attempt to browbeat you into doing something, feeling something, or thinking something, that does not feel comfortable to you. My philosophy is to gear treatment goals and interventions in the direction of what will work especially for you. 

Many of my clients have benefited from a Cognitive Behavioral, Acceptance and Commitment and Interpersonal Process approach which focuses on current behaviors but allows us to explore past events without getting lost in them. You and I will be able to use the past to make sense of current thoughts and behavior.  After exploring the effects of your current situation, we can collaboratively decide whether or not there are aspects that you would like to change, decrease, or strengthen.
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