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Reclaiming your Best Self: 

The Four Disciplines of Mindful Acceptance


"Reclaiming your Best Self: The Four Disciplines of Mindful Acceptance is inspirational and compelling. I am a better small business owner, husband, and parent because I practice mindfulness, self-compassion, intentionality and creativity."- Nathan J. Barnes PhD

"As the pressures, responsibilities and distractions of everyday life weigh on your mind, it is common to put your own needs on the back burner.  In Reclaiming Your Best Self, Dr. Chasity Adams guides the reader on a journey of self-empowerment and rediscovery. She introduces strategies on how to create healthy emotional self-care habits that will benefit your mind, body and spirit. Using the four disciplines of mindful acceptance:  being mindful, intentional, self-compassionate and creative, you will find realistic and achievable keys to lasting happiness. This book has helped me to not just exist and survive in life, but to thrive! Join Dr. Adams on this journey and reclaim your best self!-

Dr. Tiffany Robinson, Educator

Reclaiming the Self: Trailer

Reclaiming the Self: Trailer

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